ex- Empire Wilson, 1946 purchased Argentina. Edinburgh Castle on 15th April 1976, after her last passenger sailing from South Africa. 1910-1914, 1919-1922 London - Suez - Mombasa. 1943 torpedoed and sunk in North Atlantic. Before the advent of widespread air travel, long journeys were a truly civilised affair. Indonesia. 1908-1910 London Walvis Bay - Cape Town - Port Elizabeth - East London - Durban - Dar-es-Salaam - Mombasa and reverse. inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. The route was cut back in 1962 to the east coast of Africa only from London to Durban, where connections with the express liners on the west coast route could be made. launched as War Poplar, completed as Dromore Castle, 1942 You might find your South African ancestor’s name, address, and phone number in these directories. Japan. document.write("to:"); 1901 acquired as tender at Port Elizabeth, British & Commonwealth England. England. I discovered this site searchforancstors.com today.You can search a collection of Passenger Lists of people going to South Africa covering the years 1687-1923. 1917 torpedoed and sunk 300 miles from Bishops Rock; loss Southampton. Carnarvon Castle Passenger List, 1929-05-23 SS Llandaff Castle Passenger List, 1929-11-29 RMS Walmer Castle Passenger List, 1939-07-13 RMMV Stirling Castle Passenger List, 1939-07-14 RMS Windsor Castle Passenger List, 1949-04-21 R.M.M.V. England Inward Bound Passenger Lists 1878 – 1960. SS Hawarden Castle (from British Ships to South Africa in the 1800s published on Geni.com). Oslo), 1981 leased frpm Lombard Facilities Ltd, London renamed The Union-Castle Line was a British shipping line that operated a fleet of passenger liners and cargo ships between Europe and Africa from 1900 to 1977. document.write(""); 1940 sold to Admiralty as accommodation ship at Freetown, Carrying passengers as well as cargo, including the all-important mail, it was a byword in travel – ‘every Thursday at 4’, as one of the big Union castle liners set … The S.S. Hawarden Castle was built and launched in 1883; it was an iron screw passenger line. 1912 tender at Algoa Bay, 1912 wrecked Cape Hangklip. Does anyone have lists of passengers on Union Castle ships to South Africa. from shipping controller, renamed Ripley Castle, 1931 scrapped. Brazil. After the collapse of the Royal Mail group in ex- Empire Allenby, 1946 purchased Jamaica. Jamaica. It was formed from the merger of the Union Line and Castle Shipping Line. Union-Castle Line Union-Castle Fleet List Page 5: 1940-1978 Edinburgh Castle (3) (1947-1976 - 28,700gt) Union-Castle Line official card. 1914-1918 HMS Iolaire anti submarine patrol EXTRA STEAMERS are dispatched at frequent and regular Intervals for Cape Colony Natal, Delagoa Bay, and Beira and Mauritius alternately. following list was extracted from various sources. Indonesia. The Autor has been in Passenger … Vaal, 1977 sold to Carnival Cruise Line, Miami, renamed Festivale. New Zealand, Archives New Zealand, Passenger Lists, 1839-1973. 1919 burnt out at Mombasa, sold to Italy. Janet Traill recalls the last voyage of the Union Castle Line’s RMS Windsor Castle. Stettin, renamed Victoria W. Family Search Lourenco Marques (occasional) - Mombasa. 1900-1908 London - Walvis Bay - Cape Town - Port Elizabeth - East London - Durban - Clearly then the Shelter played a considerable part of the provision which could be made for passengers booked through the Union Castle Line en route for South Africa. To South Africa in the 1940s by Union-Castle first class. Railways. These pages may be freely linked to but not duplicated in any fashion 1942 torpedoed and sunk in North Atlantic. Grantully Castle (2), 7617 tons, was built in 1910 – by Barclay Curle, Glasgow, as was the case with Grantully Castle (1). 1966 transferred to South African Marine Corp., renamed Dover Castle, 1979 renamed Dover Universal, 1981 sold to Greece, renamed SS Hawarden Castle (from British Ships to South Africa in the 1800s published on Geni.com). Burma. 1976 sold to Philippines (Panama flag), renamed Ocean Queen. Castle, 1962 reverted to. ex- Empire Life, 1946 purchased document.write("gum@g"); 1949 East Africa coastal service, 1949 sold to Colonial document.write("mail"); 1961 - 1966 transferred to South African Marine Corp., renamed S.A. document.write(".com'>"); Postcard of Edinburgh Castle. Upon completion she returned to her pre war Around Africa service, but she only had barely five more years let in her! withdrawn from shipowning. to. ex- Empire Duchess, 1949 purchased 1911-07-15 RMS Walmer Castle Passenger List. All Union-Castle Line Passenger Lists available at the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives have been transcribed and uploaded. L. 1900-1977 Southampton - Madeira - Cape Town - Port Elizabeth - Durban - Port Elizabeth - Cape Madonna. Commander: Captain F. Whitehead, R.N.R. Destinations which feature strongly include Australia Canada India New Zealand South Africa All continents are covered and you can find passengers on ships sailing to all parts of Asia, the Caribbean, South America and West Africa. document.write("theship"); Australia. Gay Gibson never finished the passage. 1910-1939 Southampton - Cape Town - Port Elizabeth - East London - Durban - Delagoa Bay - renamed Psara Durban - East London - Port Elizabeth - Cape Town - Southampton. Universal, 1984 of 40 lives. ... South Africa. Ship web site. Liner Services Ltd. but air travel Egypt. Lists were not kept for every ship and some have been lost, but those that survive are becoming increasingly available online and new indexes afford us much better access to them. 1940 went ashore on Scottish coast, total loss. It merged with Bullard King and Clan Line in 1956 to form British & Commonwealth Shipping, and then with South African Marine Corporation in 1973 to create International Liner … Columba. See also the shipping in 1971 section. 1900-1979 cargo service South Africa - USA (usually New York). The transportation of military troops was not recorded in passenger lists. TheShipsList®™ - (Swiggum) All Rights Reserved - Copyright © 1997-2019 1907 transferred from Liverpool-Hamburg Descriptions (on-site) ot the Immigrant 1850-1890 Passengers arriving in South African Ports- by the The Genealogical Society of South Africa Canada. 1939 acquired by the Admiralty for accommodation ship, 1940 document.write("
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