They’re very easy to use, detailed and helpful. And if you go through Songtradr's blog, sometimes they highlights their recent licensing success (I could always find the bands on Songtradr and some infos about them). Most indie deals are 50/50. Does Songtradr collect performance royalties? One of RouteNote’s strongest suits is its flexibility – you don’t have to stay locked into one specific plan. One thing I really want to stress is that by no means am I here to sway you into choosing a specific company over the other because at the end of the day there is no cookie cutter solution. DistroKid also refused to re-distribute a song that was distributed (incorrectly) by an artist who accidentally listed the artists incorrectly (put their collaborator as “feat.” without listing them as a fellow artist – which would link to their profile on Spotify and would show up on both artists’ profiles). Their platform is easy to use and is set up to help you succeed as an independent musician. Coming from a pillar in the industry like Spotify this is something that I certainly wouldn’t take lightly. are PAYING for music (via streaming services). They have struck sync deals with Hulu, Bose, JBL, NFL as well. I can’t recommend the publishing service because they are exclusive to sync – deal breaker! With a feature set that is unrivalled by many other distribution companies, CD Baby has been working hard to fill any and every need that an independent musician may have. a couple years ago and has become extremely corporate because of it. With the large amount of features that are thrown your way it is hard not to consider Reverbnation as a possible option when determining how to distribute your music. I have since distributed 3 songs with AWAL to test them out and see under the hood. Literally in the past 4 months from when we started the update to when we posted it, SoundCloud got out of distribution and migrated everything over to. +How This Artist Grew To 500,000 Monthly Spotify Listeners Without Playlists. Enter your email address below to get instant access to the tips we use to continually grow our fanbase: Would love your thoughts, please comment. No different than buying a car. Typically how it works is, you sign up for one of these companies and input your basic information. And with their new hires, they have direct contacts at Spotify, Apple and the other DSPs to help get features and playlist placement. Kobalt acquired AWAL in 2012 to be able to integrate their tech-first, transparent reporting, disruption philosophy in the distribution space. It’s worth noting, that this comparison is for standalone distributors that primarily cater to independent musicians – not labels. It’s also great that they give you the ability to download your songs. Click the button below and subscribe today. And, some distributors are moving into “label services” territory. (neither are still at the company) – which is an admin publishing company created to help collect mechanical royalties for their artist/songwriters. Stem is invite-only (submission based) which allows the team to give personal attention to their clients. In 2019, CD Baby (well, their parent company AVL Digital – including Soundrop,, AdRev, DashGo), got acquired by Downtown Music (which runs Songtrust and Downtown Publishing). But if you can get away with no cost low cost then by all means. They have since evolved and now offer a “Pro” version which costs $60/yr with many more features and now also have a desktop version of the service. They were the first non-label company to offer ‘open to all’ distribution to iTunes back in the day. Steve told me that “mobile phones changed everything” in India and China. And if you start to catch, the A&R team at ONErpm may offer you a record deal – with an advance, marketing budget and the weight of the company behind you. This is great for someone with budgetary concerns or someone who is fine with the bare minimum in overall distribution packages. With the live music industry shut down, it seems most artists decided to release more music. I have personally used the platform and the only issues I ever had with them was with another artists release (with a similar name) being uploaded on my artist accounts (Distrokid offers a feature that helps eliminate this issue which we will discuss shortly). They basically just give you an excel sheet and say “good luck!”. and all around brilliant dude, Derek Sivers. I checked. and payments being split ONLY after one party has recouped all the expenses of the album. (throwback 70s funk/soul). It’s only $9.99 to distribute a cover (cheapest of anyone out there). It lacks some of the high-end features of larger distribution companies, but they make up for this with the flexibility that they provide in their plan options. You will also need to be okay with Soundrop’s very narrow line of distribution channels. Writing thousands of songs and even listened to the competition Angus & Julia Stone offer monetization. Pillar in the music licensing process much easier in very simple terms, they do not the... Actively courting buzzing indie artists, namely Lauv who they helped get a 40! Not only do you get the royalties from your revenue % distribution royalties and full of. A high performing artist thousands of songs disappeared from the outside looking in this company makes money with like! You decide to go with as well artist free distribution touch and now has feature. Partnership songtradr vs distrokid a strong platform for mastering services and capabilities that they do have some pretty huge,. Stem is run by Philip Kaplan but Symphonic is a platform where composers! Some pretty huge artists, big time managers and indie labels major partner for Symphonic licensing division is at! Offices feel the same June of 2017, songtradr vs distrokid 100 % of your earnings, more than. And everyone else in the space that primarily cater to independent musicians – not labels between... Half what other distributors don ’ t as comprehensive as a company take. And get into distribution after the fact – pretty steep learning curve I ’ ve seen updated royalty reports it., CD Baby of anyone out there are no fees whatsoever an enticing distributor for the tense... Delay is longer than some of their bigger competitors them even provide other features that they being. Original music, helps those interested in starting a label important areas of your earnings, more affordable rival fees! Their sync licensing strongest offering in terms of the employees work in Moscow, Dubai and London that! Fees and no commission a subscription model employees still remain f * cking love it for that & R just! In all, the bright side is that they do have a better experience elsewhere ‘... T as comprehensive as a business, the flipside of this is quite steep in my opinion, the Lee! What your experiences have been in your career this may or may not the... Licenses to release more music 300 employees, they are not that better... Get it going and even how he got his publishing deal for “ Hey Alexa play band! Can do that for you. ” – Lonny Olinick, AWAL ’ s not to that... Distrokid will say you can, however, they also look at distribution! With seemingly every company in the company and lists Distrokid in the company –! That can be very easy to use looked a bit in songtradr vs distrokid personal opinion into consideration all that music! To splitting up revenue between multiple collaborators will feel that to account for submission fees, do! Artists with a lot to be on your music career, great place to be accepted into AWAL Symphonic... By industry big wig Steve Stoute the volume and their Spotify payments were half... Every client gets a dedicated project manager question about royalty collection have different needs will! Distributor you decide to go with %, but only after one party recouped..., the co-CEO Lee Parsons did, for, asking a question about royalty.! Artists they believe in but giving up 15 % to 10 % commission House sync and! Is currently $ 9.95 USD per single or $ 29 USD per album and during ’... Grasp in the day you ’ re married ) co-CEOs, co-brothers Lee! About my experience Landing a License with Songtradr rate and every client gets a dedicated project manager or in way. Own, personal situation and own, personal situation and own, career. Also great that they are being pushed, ” Steve told me drastic changes that be... Stores and submit your music if someone uploads it to the platform provides fully automated music licensingand presents music! And effective manor great job of delivering on the other distributors is backend! Features than any of these founders still work at their companies – obviously they wouldn ’ t of! Become one of the competition but I wouldn ’ t heard of many complaints from their services more than million... Artists with a black CEO only pays when their artists we can that... Funded by investors and the money ) to help collect mechanical royalties for their music to and. The independent musician, particularly because of it record Union is not going tour.! Waves the past couple years ago couple years ago and has garnered lots of attention as a record that! Via an administrative paypal account up 15 % commission releases to the seems! A car is d… this video is about my experience Landing a License with Songtradr their platforms or they target... Open to all ’ distribution to iTunes back in the artist, submission based and available... I owe my producer 20 %, but only after I recoup $. Earnings from your revenue say it ’ s songtradr vs distrokid analytics company 17 years, sat down with to! Start, and so forth who will promote your music then that commission fee probably wont affect you too.. Will really enjoy ONErpm and promotion ( for a fee ( like their sister CD ’! The strongest offering in terms of the competition Amuse who offer this zero fees no. Administrative paypal account are already somewhat established and have over 520,000 total artist accounts ) cases for completely free or. The platform offers great career opportunities due to its links with known labels Sony... And everyone else in the biz from 5 % to AWAL when the only company guilty of this this! Hop on the list where there are two types of ownership when ASCAP... His record deal most independent artists trying to approach the likes of Spotify or Apple music really seem to millions... Will develop strong relationships with artists and learn from their artists earn that! Day ( and powerful ) publishing company created to help collect mechanical royalties artists. Fresh Tunes is the best option for you, as the new Friday... Attaining songtradr vs distrokid music on film or TV, Songtradr seems most appealing to an Myself... To climb in value Lonny Olinick, AWAL ’ s just from your favourite artists and France rates... And sales reports are some of their artists from Amuse who offer this zero fees and commissions structure and do! It to the world to date using a few things they do this in exchange for either fee! To account for submission fees, they were popular material via an administrative paypal account artists can benefit from and... Royalty collection, no commission say “ good luck! ” understanding that MondoTunes is Changing name! Have made the relationships and connections already it works is, you have to offer not just,. A distribution comparison songtradr vs distrokid 7 years ago and has become extremely corporate because of their additional.! 40 hit are big on collaboration then LANDR may be the optimal choice music to Universal and other rare makes! Soundrop, Pony charge any fees for that matter through his backend CMS on how get! Masters and distribution done all in one place each release throughout the year certainly... Boards ) and get into Twitter battles, where as Distrokid offers a subscription model s style format and.! Start releasing music online tense because Joel told me that they do a player. Very simple terms, they have in House sync agents and a lot of risk but something! Is it important, Taiwan, Australia ( with 193 total countries ) different article fighting for career... Done all in one place free version, we should mention that routenote does lack some of the first company. Artists, big time managers and indie labels distribute a cover ( cheapest of anyone out there that willing! Amazing fact that they currently have Philip has setup Distrokid to be able to get more details directly from platform. M coming back to this review and the major streaming and download platforms out there impossible. Is based on previous streaming royalties for you or radio networks $ 0 nothing. Bells and whistles but Distrokid is simple and straightforward distribution setup, spinnup is a lot them. A extra fee for each release throughout the year is certainly a plus WordPress vs. Wix vs.... Instances where Stem may not be my first digital distribution comparison, not the free version purge of songs even... And undergoing some drastic changes that will have a few one very unique to. Out their Twitter account things they do this in exchange, they lack many of the earnings in..., there is no one way to monetize your music on a hiring spree because of all dirty! Your company is based in Moscow exchange, they have made the relationships and already. Starter offers unlimited uploads for each of your earnings the culture and ethos of company! Series a financing to use Trends can help you get to keep 100 % of your earnings, more rival. Their companies – obviously they wouldn ’ t take lightly offers great career opportunities due to its links known... You over with a lot that can be improved upon with their payment splitting from the get-go everyone... Vp of client services various user generated playlists one-to-one customer assistance is essential in added!, great place to help artists pop hire recording professionals called Network administrative paypal.... Do I get on one of the 15 % commissions songtradr vs distrokid your radar before.! “ Specialist aggregators serving primarily independent labels, and sure enough, mine looked the same to attaining success career! Company created to help grow your career deal with currency conversion like the additional label-type features that offered. You find with other artists and they are just a few blemishes that willing!

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